current projects

I was casting about for something to make for a friend of mine, when I saw this cool moebius headscarf kinda thing. I first did a proof of concept in Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, in the Glacier Bay color. I think it turned out very well, but when I actually saw the yarn that the project calls for (Noro's Silk Garden), it made me laugh, because the total cost of the yarn was about the same. Still, I like the Moonlight Mohair version and I'm going to keep it as it matches the proof of concept sweater I'm knitting (they both have elements of Egyptian Blue).

Anyway, I bought the Silk Garden in two colors: the blue/green/turquoise that the pattern book shows, for me, and a deep purple/crimson for my friend. The scarf calls for beading on the edges, and if I do that, I'll use purple teardrop beads. I finished the POC last night and started the one for my friend; I'm hoping it goes quickly as I was hoping to mail it to her at the end of the month.

My current projects as of today are:

  • Moebius scarf in Silk Garden (purple/crimson), for a friend
  • "Prayer" shawl in recycled silk (mostly reddish), for myself
  • Simple sweatshirt-style sweater in a sort of Egyptian blue acrylic as a proof of concept, for myself

Next up (after the moebius for my friend):

  • Two scarves, each made out of a single skein of bamboo and/or soy silk, for two other friends