I finished the silk shawl yesterday, and fringed it with 12″ lengths (doubled of course) of Trendsetter Tapestry #6 (if I recall correctly), which beautifully complemented the jewel-like colors of the silk. The fringe is very minimal, just a ribbon every 3″ along the ends of the shawl, and it looks utterly perfect.

I’m really proud of this piece. I need to take a picture and post it. It’s just awesome. Even more awesome is that I still have over half the yarn I bought left after finishing the shawl. I thought it was going to take all of it, but it took just three of the seven hanks I bought. Not sure what I’m going to do with it next; maybe a shrug. However, that’s for the future; I have a new project now (though I’m not buying the yarn for a couple of weeks, so I’ll probably just work on my sweater).