quick project

I’m still working on the prayer shawl, but I paused to make a “corset style” top for my younger daughter Cherry and matching fingerless gloves.

The top is modified off a pattern I had for a tube top knit in the round, in knit2-purl2 ribbing. I made the pattern a bit smaller, as its smallest size is Small and she’s XSmall, and then I knit it flat but added crochet edging with “eyelets” on the side edges so that it can be laced up. I had an iCord I’d made out of craft thread that happened to match, so I laced it with that. Now I’m working on the fingerless gloves, which are done in knit1-purl1 ribbing, also flat (with a seam allowing room for the thumb). I’ll also crochet a loop for the middle finger.

If it fits her and she likes it I’ll take a pic. I’m a little nervous as I was kind of knitting without a net, simple as the design is.