need to write – or rather, publish

As I mentioned in my last post, I was on vacation last week, visiting my “other family” in Kentucky. It’s jumping the gun somewhat to call them, quite, family, I guess, though that’s how I’m starting to feel about them. Anyway, things with that are great, but for various reasons it’s going to be about seven months before I see them again…and that’s difficult.

So I was thinking that if I sold some writing, I could probably get out there again in between now and my next planned trip…and this means that I either have to get someone to publish my erotica (already written for the most part) or I need to write some Infosec-related stuff. The former is easier but pays less and it’s hard to find a publisher; the latter is harder to write but pays more and I probably have a guaranteed publisher.

And I need to start on this now. Eeeeep.