another prayer shawl…

I’m about 1/3 of the way through my mother’s prayer shawl; when I can take the time to knit at all, it goes fast, but I often have time only on weekends, and that sucks. I’ve committed to just bringing my knitting bag with me everywhere I go and maybe I’ll be able to put in a row or two more often.

I have another one in the queue after I’m done with it; another choir friend of mine is ill (not cancer this time, but a heart related issue) and I’m really worried for her. She likes vibrant colors so that’s what I’ve picked for her shawl, including rainbow-hued ribbons for a fringe. I’ve also picked up yarn to fringe my other friend’s shawl and my mother’s. This prayer shawl thing is becoming full-time for me, and while I certainly enjoy knitting and hope the shawls make people feel loved, I’m sad at the necessity.


2 thoughts on “another prayer shawl…

  1. lothie says:

    Thank you so much. I went to look at your blog and whimpered at your photos of Autumn leaves. I’m originally from New England (now living in LA) and every Autumn I get homesick for the leaves.

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