slightly more productive

Yesterday I started working on Cherry’s hat. I’d started on it during my last trip to Louisville but didn’t even get the brim done. Last night I finished the brim and then took the crown up through the first decrease, so it’s about 1/3 done. These go pretty fast so I expect I’ll probably finish it tonight. After that I have one that I promised to do for Jason and Angela’s daughter Scout. I’m trying to decide whether to do it full size or try to “cut” the pattern down since she’s a four year old. Not sure.

After I’m done with that I’ll go back to the prayer shawl I was working on. I’d also like to make a hat for Chibi but I’d need to buy yarn for that.

At some point I want to get some circular needles and try this shrug pattern I found. You basically knit two “funnels” of yarn and then sew them together, forming the back. The tapering parts are the sleeves. It’s pretty easy but I’ve been resisting doing circular knitting up till now, so I’m a little nervous. Anyway, I think it’s a neat pattern and I’d like to try it.