writing update

I went to a science fiction/fantasy con for the first time in ages, mostly to attend a couple of writing workshops. I submitted my Champions character sketch, “Incident At the Club”, because I didn’t have time to write anything longer or more fleshed out.

As it turned out, that was a good decision. Because I submitted a piece that I wasn’t all that emotionally attached to, I could really listen to the criticism people had, most of which dealt anyway with the fact that it was a sketch more than an all-inclusive short. However, it was suggested that I write more on the subject (which will be easy to do; the campaign is over) and I was given contact info that could lead to publication. So I’m really happy about that.

I’ve mostly finished one of my current short stories but, while I think it’s well-written, I’m not sure how publishable it is, so when I’m done with this, I may drop the short story project for a while and go back to the (ex) Champions subject.


One thought on “writing update

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Good luck with your writing–I’ve written some rather negative things about writing workshops/groups so I’m always curious when I read of other people perceptions & experiences. I’ve always believed we learn by DOING–“no guru, no method, no teacher”. But I could be wrong…

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