took me long enough

So, I finally got the hang of double-pointed needles. Basically, I joined this new knitting group that I found through Ravelry, and we were all going to be working on fingerless gloves at next Saturday’s meeting. Well, I make fingerless gloves a lot actually, but I knit them flat and sew them up the side (with a hole for the thumb). It’s a viable way of doing things and all, but I figured that this wasn’t going to cut it for the meeting. So I found a fairly simple pattern, bought some yarn and needles, and consulted my knitting handbook on how to join knitting.

It’s not easy for me to learn stuff from written instructions; I need to be shown. But I figured that at a two hour meeting nobody was going to have time to show me something basic like this. So I just concentrated really hard on the written instructions, and finally managed it.

Well, obviously, this is going to change the way I knit a LOT. Whee!


2 thoughts on “took me long enough

  1. Stacey_CrimsonPurl says:

    Hey Mimi!!!

    So glad you are joining Charlotte Purls! I can’t wait to meet you today! :o)

    And all of us are very helpful so don’t worry about asking….we just may not know the answer! :op Haha!

    Also, is a WONDERFUL resource where they have videos on how to do lots of knitting techniques. I go there all the time b/c like you the books don’t cut it for me sometimes!

    See you around blog world!

  2. lothie says:

    :) I can’t wait either!

    I stopped at the point where the cable starts on my fingerless gloves because I don’t quite get it, but I’m sure someone can show me what it means…these look pretty easy otherwise. :D

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