the coat I’m knitting

the coat I’m knitting

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I’m mostly done with this coat I’m making: I’ve done the front and back and I’m halfway up one of the sleeves. I’m hoping to be finished by next weekend, because it’s getting damn cold and I don’t have a coat that fits me and that I can wear in front of customers. Since this coat doesn’t button, I’m not too worried if it doesn’t fit perfectly, as long as it doesn’t gap too much. but I’m really getting tired of working on it (it’s SO bulky) and so I hope I’m done soon.

I do like the color and when I’m done with this I’ll be finishing up a moebius scarf in matching colors. I think I have enough yarn to do fingerless gloves as well (though it might have to be just a simple pair of wristlets rather than anything as fancy as the “Fetchings” I was working on earlier).

Can’t wait to finish!