fingerless gloves

fingerless gloves

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Oh, and I forgot to mention: I finished the fingerless gloves that I started way back in September. I’d have finished them earlier, but I was a little timid about doing the thumbs, and I really needed to jam on doing the coat. However, I hauled them out again and finished the last bits, and now I have two pairs. I’ll probably give them to my darling daughters.

This is really a fabulous pattern, and one I think I’ll make over and over again. I’m thinking of making a pair in a shade to go with my coat; it may not be obvious from pictures, but these definitely do not match. They’re a lovely grayish green color though. I’m hoping that even if they’re not the girls’ favorite color that they’ll like them anyway — they’re great just to throw on to warm your hands.

Can’t wait to do this one again!