first sock

first sock

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Behold my first sock! I made this sock in worsted weight yarn on size 6 DPNs, because that’s what I had lying around (Stacey gave me some sock yarn, but 6 was the smallest DPN size I had). I figured I’d make my first pair on cheap synthetic yarn in case I screwed up, and then use the Lamb’s Pride I got from Janet’s stash to make a couple of pairs for my daughters (the yarn I got from Janet is close in color to the yarn I used for the two pairs of Fetchings I made, which I’m also giving my daughters). By then I should be able to run out and get some smaller DPNs and dive into other sock patterns.

I think for my very first sock this came out pretty well. I have to fly to Vegas tomorrow for a few days, so I’ll knit the second one on the plane.


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  1. Jeanie says:

    Hi Lothie,

    Great sock – I’m trying to follow the pattern myself but the heel part is making absolutely no sense. If you move 20 sts to one needle and then slip 11 before starting to purl you end up with a long bit of yarn between the last knit you did and the first purl after the s11.

    Can you please translate the heel and the turn parts of the pattern for me based on your experience before I go completely and utterly MAD ;) ?

    Congrats on the sock I wanna get past this obstacle so I can knit socks!

    Hope Charlotte is treating you well…it’s snowing outside up here in Kingsville Ont. … again. Ugh.

  2. lothie says:

    Hi, I’ll reply both here and on Ravelry.

    Okay, so when you go to start the heel, you’ve got your stitches on 3 needles: 12-16-12. You’re at the end of a row, so on the 2nd needle with 12 stitches. Slip eight stitches from the needle with 16 onto that needle. Then, with the wrong side facing you, slip one (not 11, sorry that the pattern isn’t easy to read), then purl across. Turn and slip one, knit across (there’s a mistake there, it says K1, but knit across instead), and do those two rows for a total of 20 rows.

    Then, after that, you do the picking up of stitches. At that point, you want to put the remaining 20 stitches that you weren’t working with on one needle instead of the two they’re on, so you can use the other two needles to pick up stitches (and then slip so you’re using 3 needles again).

    A great demonstration of a similar sock is under advanced techniques at, if this isn’t clear…it made it easier for me. :)

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