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So this is the first pair of “real” socks I’ve made for myself. Basically, I just really love making socks, but I started making them for other people after I finished that first pair using acrylic worsted.

I had bought a second hank of “Rauen” mediumweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts because I was afraid I’d run out of the one hank I bought for Chris’s socks. However, I only needed the first hank for his socks, so I decided that even though it wasn’t the color I’d have chosen, I’d go ahead, wind the second hank (with the new swift and nostepinne that Chris made me!), and make a pair for myself. I further decided that I would make ankle socks…well, just right above the ankle really. That’s my favorite height for socks.

I think they turned out really well. I’m now starting on another pair of ankle socks, this time ribbed, with the Regia yarn Stacey gave me from her stash. I’ll get back to doing socks for other people too, of course. I have to frog my son’s sock because it turned out too small, but he’ll get them eventually.


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