latest sockage

latest sockage

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I’d gotten a bit bored with socks, especially the ribbed anklets, but somehow I ended up starting another pair…and oh GOD they’re driving me nuts.

My first pair of Noro socks knit up like a dream. The yarn was overspun, but it was worth it. This ball of Noro is overspun, then underspun, then over…It broke twice on this one sock, plus there was a knot, so that’s THREE times in one ball I had to “change”….ugh. I have never had so much trouble knitting before.

But I’ve started the second sock, and so far it’s behaving. I may end up making four socks and seeing what kind of pairs I can make; the second sock started on the red and so it’s not going to look much at all like the first…

I hope there are no more breakages! Dammit!


One thought on “latest sockage

  1. crimsonpurl says:

    Depsite it all they look great!

    I plan to use my Kureyon sock yarn as a shawl to avoid the headache! ;op

    I did grab the Silk Garden sock yarn though and can’t wait!

    Hope to see you at CP soon! Socks in August!! But you are a pro now! ;op

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