Designing gloves


So for a while I was knitting socks over and over…basically the same pair of socks, ribbed anklets. It got boring, and if I go back to making socks, I’m going to change it up a little, do different patterns, challenge myself a little.

But in the meantime, I’ve started making fingerless gloves. And unlike with the socks, it’s not the same pattern over and over again. I’m doing different stuff, mostly with sock yarn, but definitely different patterns. And I’ve started to do a little design. I’ll start with a pattern I know, but I’ll change it, make it my own combine stuff. Each time, I’ll learn a little more about stitch patterns or whatever, about design concepts. Fingerless gloves today, sweaters tomorrow.

These gloves are for my brother. He wanted something that would go with Black Watch plaid. I chose a small stripe sock yarn and then used a subtle slipped stitch to make lengthwise stripes up the back of the hand, to suggest a plaid. I hope he likes it. They’re all done, except for the thumbs.