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knitting some more

I’ve been knitting a bit more again. I bought this book, and I’m going to be making the “Sunday Wrap” for my daughters, my younger daughter’s best friend, myself, and possible others because it is such a COOL PATTERN. I’m also working on a Sirdar pattern — a cardigan — for my new baby cousin Sophie, and when that’s done I’ll do a fuzzy coat for her from the same pattern book. Of course I’ve been knitting socks, most recently out of bamboo, and I bought this GORGEOUS ball of Trendsetter’s Minestroneā„¢ yarn from my LYS and made a scarf with it. So I’ve got a lot to keep me busy!

at webs

at webs

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A photo of me at WEBS while I was visiting my parents in MA. It was really cool to finally be able to see the store and purchase yarn there. I actually pointed out where they had some yarn mislabeled (it said it was sock yarn, but it wasn’t).

Mostly these days I am working on socks. I do have a hoodie to knit for a KAL though, so I should really get started on it — I was supposed to have started a month ago, but I’ve been busy.

and still more socks


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My latest pair of finished socks, from Noro Kureyon Sock. For once, the two socks are almost identical, except for the last couple of inches or so at the toe (the other sock goes into very dark indigo and then lighter blue, instead of the deep copper and then purple).

I’m now working on a pair in Regia Silk (silk and wool), which is a lot easier to work with. I still have two balls of Noro Kureyon though.

latest sockage

latest sockage

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I’d gotten a bit bored with socks, especially the ribbed anklets, but somehow I ended up starting another pair…and oh GOD they’re driving me nuts.

My first pair of Noro socks knit up like a dream. The yarn was overspun, but it was worth it. This ball of Noro is overspun, then underspun, then over…It broke twice on this one sock, plus there was a knot, so that’s THREE times in one ball I had to “change”….ugh. I have never had so much trouble knitting before.

But I’ve started the second sock, and so far it’s behaving. I may end up making four socks and seeing what kind of pairs I can make; the second sock started on the red and so it’s not going to look much at all like the first…

I hope there are no more breakages! Dammit!

first pair of noro socks

first pair of noro socks

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This is the first pair of Noro socks I made. I got this ball of Noro when I was visiting my younger daughter, Cherry, in Washington (she lives in Olympia). I love them to death, and many more pairs are planned (I’ve got about six balls of Noro).

The one thing I don’t like about Noro is how it kinks up due to being overspun. Then again, the socks it makes are friggin’ awesome. Right now I’m back to more conventional sock yarn, finishing a pair of socks for my son.

a muse hat for my mom

model muse

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While I was visiting my parents, my mother, who originally taught me to knit, went with me to Colorful Stitches in Lenox, MA. We purchased, among other yarn, some Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky, which I used to make a Muse hat for her. She was out when I finished it, so I had my son model it. She really loves the hat. It takes only a few hours to make.

In addition to the hat, and finishing one Noro sock, I made a bunch of jewelry right before the trip. I’ll be posting those as well. They all went to family members.